Chinese Gastronomy: The Essentials

One of the world's most famous cuisines is found in the east of the Asian continent. Indeed, Chinese cuisine is probably the most varied, but in the middle of all its dishes are the traditional ones. What are they? Read this article for knowing more about chinese gastronomy.

Peking Duck

A traditional dish prepared in the Forbidden City, Peking Duck was a favourite of the Ming and Qing dynasties and eventually became a traditional Chinese dish. This culinary gem has the texture of a glistening roast duck. It is cooked in a traditional oven with low-smoking wood, such as the Jujube tree, whose fragrance is transmitted to the duck. It is served on different dishes and cut up in front of the customers. Peking duck is often eaten with pancakes and sweet soy sauce and green beans.

Imperial Chicken

Also known as Kung Pao chicken, imperial chicken is a reference to Sichuan. Imperial chicken is a diced chicken seasoned with chillies and vegetables. The special feature of this dish is the roasted component of the dish: the peanuts. The mixture is topped with soy sauce and rice wine and sprinkled with ground chilli and Sichuan pepper. The garlic cloves are finely chopped, and the pepper is chopped. There are Western variations, but Sichuan Imperial Chicken is unique, as foreign tourists to China confirm.

Cantonese Rice

As the name suggests, the dish originated in China, but the rice that is the main ingredient may come from another country. The basic ingredient of the dish is what accompanies the rice, making it unique and exclusive to one region. With some shrimps, eggs and small cooked weights, plus white ham, the base of the dish is already taking shape. As for the ingredients, we have parsley, sesame oil, salt, pepper plus the white rice and the Cantonese rice is ready.