French gastronomy: how to preserve wine?

How to store wine at home is a crucial question, so that the wine does not go rancid. Follow our predictions to achieve an ideal conservation.

First Step: Shelf Life, Hygiene and Bottle Size

It is important to know the shelf life of the wine before putting it in the cellar, otherwise the opposite effect of its conservation will occur. To do this, you have to deal with the temperature, as a wine tends to age better in a cellar with a higher temperature. Then, you have to think about hygiene, which is essential for the taste of the wine during its conservation. It is therefore recommended not to place wines near chemical products or fruit or vegetables, as there is a risk of a fungus or insects appearing. To be on the safe side, keep wines away from food so that they do not absorb their odours. The trick is to know that the bigger the bottle, the better the wine will keep and the best way to keep it is in magnums.

Second Step: Atmospheric Conditions, Flat Cellars or Reconditioning

The atmospheric conditions for a cellar are essential, 12 degrees is the ideal storage temperature. Then, think of a place where the sun does not strike, on the contrary, it is advisable to favour dark places to store your wine. Once this is done, you should remember to lay the bottles down to ensure that the cork is watertight and not to touch them too much except to open them. In addition, it is wise to buy flat wine cellars if you do not have a cellar where the same atmospheric conditions as a cellar are recommended. Another solution, much more delicate, is proposed to store wine, its principle consists in replacing the wine corks and levelling them. This step allows for a fairly uniform level of preservation, but requires caution and accuracy.