The 10 Universal Arts: the list

Sometimes you feel silly when the expression "7th Art" is uttered next to you, but you don't know what it is. Don't worry, this list will give you more light to establish the 10 universal arts. So you are invited to read that article for being more cultivated.

First Category: The First Four Arts

To understand the classification, it is enough to know that they are classified in a chronological way. Thus the First Art includes architecture, as it was elevated to the rank of art by the Egyptians. Then we have sculptures, the art of Rodin as the second art of which the prehistoric statues like the Lady in the Hood are representatives. The third art consists of the visual arts, namely painting and drawing, highlighted by Van Gogh, Bruegel the Elder, Picasso. Finally, the fourth art is music, ranging from opera to oratorios or to rock and contemporary music.

Second Category: The Next Three Arts

To begin this list, which is closer to our era, we have literature as the fifth art, illustrated by Molière, Tolstoy, Goethe, Cervantes, Jules Verne, Leopold S. Senghor, etc. Then comes the sixth art, which includes the performing arts such as theatre, circus, dance, ballet, etc. With great names such as Russian or French ballet (Nijinsky, Lifar, Nureyev), circus (Barnum, Fratellini) or theatre (Shakespeare, the Illustrious Theatre). To close this category comes the seventh art, the cinema, otherwise known as the big screen, whose great names are the Lumière brothers.

Last Category: The Ultimate Arts

The eighth art includes television (everything that happens on television), photography (of monuments, disasters or art objects) and radio. Then the ninth art is the comic strip, whose great representatives are : Hergé, Franquin, Goscinny, etc. Finally, the tenth art is composed of video games and multimedia (design, computer graphics) and also manga.